About us

About us

Centro Store

Centro is a family owned business who have been in the grocery industry since 2010. Our Centro family have come from a variety of different backgrounds but joined together through a shared passion for providing the community with environmentally responsible sourced products at a competitive price.

Our goal

Our goal at Centro is to provide socially and environmentally responsible sourced products to our local community, while supporting our local farmers and suppliers.
However, we realise that our community is a diverse and multicultural one, so at Centro we also stock a wide range of international products and well as local produce such as fresh fruit and vegetables, organic coffee and meat, as well food to go to match our communities fast paced lifestyles.

  • We are proudly an Australian owned and operated business.
  • Most of our stores are franchised businesses.
  • Centro store impact the lives of communities and people of each suburbs.
  • We provide organic coffee to serve commuters on their way to the office.
  • We are providing organic gourmets and fresh fruit and vegetables for busy parents.
  • As we provide overseas unique products to help our customers to cover their needs.
  • Our focus is on our customers satisfaction and feedbacks.